EQ2 Quest:More Ore of Yore  

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EverQuest II
[100] More Ore of Yore (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( -916.04 -274.46 119.94 )

  • At least 1 53 9 13200 status 

  1. Speak to Forgemaster Gert about the strange ore. She'll send you to speak to the lorekeepers in the library.
  2. The Great Library of Thurgadin isn't actually in Thurgadin. Exit the city by the western door out to the Great Divide, and the library is to your left.
  3. Speak to Einva at 1061.59,-475.45,505.43 .
  4. She'll send you to the waterfall outside the north exit from Thurgadin to harvest spiceleaf and make spiceleaf paper. In addition to the spiceleaf you harvest you'll need 1 effulgent incense.
  5. Return the paper to Einva and she'll tell you what she found. Now you'll have to research Maldura. Look for three references. Locations are 1062.78,-475.45,518.20 , 1057.97,-456.86,512.85 and 1086.01,-475.39,496.35 . Once you've got them all, take them and 1 effulgent incense to the desk and use your recipe to "Transcribe Notes on Maldura".
  6. Return once more to Einva for your reward.

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