EQ2 Quest:Monitoring the Situation  

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EverQuest II
[100] Monitoring the Situation (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start:


  1. Speak to Brumley and he'll ask you to make more scanning devices.
  2. You'll be given the recipe for "Tinkered Monitoring Devices". You need 5 bornite nodules, 5 splitiron ore, 5 umbrites and 5 thaumic coal to make all five of them. There's a workbench on the next platform down if you didn't bring one with you.
  3. Return to the door by the Alcove of Reason and place a monitor.
  4. Return to each of the Sublevel Access Antechamber doors and place monitors.
  5. Return to the Mushroom Bar and Grill door and place a monitor.
  6. Go out to Thalumbra and place a monitor in the tunnel where you arrived.
  7. Return to Brumley.

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