EQ2 Quest:Containing the Stone  

EverQuest II
[100] Containing the Stone (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start:


  1. Brytthel will wish you luck in speaking to the Glaufaye about your idea.
  2. Leave the city and return to Elanluelle at -486.86,236.58,343.23 . She'll conveniently tell you that, again, the answer is back in the city.
  3. Return to Maldura and use the Forge of Brell to make the "Censer of Containment". It takes 2 arcannium (a rare harvest), 20 bornite nodules, 20 umbrite and 1 thaumic coal. The counters are lethal, so pay attention.
  4. Take the censer out to Elanluelle again. This time, she'll have a bunch of spellcasters and a fire pit at the ready for you to craft "Empowered Cencer of Containment". You'll need 1 bornite nodule and 1 thaumic coal to perform the rite, and as with the censer itself the counters are lethal so proceed with caution.
  5. Return to Brytthel with the empowered censer. She'll inform you that the queen was taken so she'll ask you to keep the censer for the time being.

Completing this quest will give you the Empowered Censer of Containment and will update What Lies Beneath.

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