EQ2 Quest:Captain Overboard  

EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[95] Captain Overboard (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( -299, 13, -15 )


You have to have a flying mount and the "Tears of Veeshan" expansion pack to complete this quest.

Steve Echgar at -299, 13, -15 in Cardin Ward says that Captain Ethan wants to talk to me, but he's off investigating the wizard spires.

BEFORE you run off If you have completed The Return Of A Gathering Obsession, hail Steve again to receive A Gathering Obsession Beyond The Grave.

  1. Speak to Catha Firebolt at -423, 15, 78 .
  2. Speak to Baelfang at -430, 14, 40 ,
  3. Speak to Taldar D'Aryth at -301, 12, -41 .
  4. Speak to Myrianna at -314, 14, 8 .
  5. Find a way to the Vesspyr Isles. You can take any Druid ring (one is in the lower part of the travel map, south of Cardin Ward at -436.27, 27.49, 444.56 ).
  6. Talk to Roy at Falinpol. The entrance is at 102, 188, -127 . We were able to fly there unmolested.
  7. Take the teleporter in the middle of the room to the lower level and talk to Claudia.
  8. Find plants for Claudia on all the the main isles. These are all a Vesspyr Willow or Vesspyr Shrub and are trackable with the "Track Harvestable" Prestige skill. There are multiple spawn points on each isle, but they are always on the outer edge of the isle. Here's where we found them during beta, do please add additional locations.
    • HINT When flying between the isles, the green glowies are a speed boost, like at the Aether Races.
    • Claudia will take the plants from you, but you can go back and collect more any time you want. We've noted the islands the different plants are on below.
    • Daarspire: Frosty Vesspyr Willow -184, 223, 384
    • Aeterna Gardens: Vesspyr Shrub -799, 392, 445
    • Veeshana Tol: Dark-Vined Vesspyr Willow -75, 9, 596 , -396.95,-3.28,745.26
    • Sothshae: Russet Vesspyr Willow 594, 262, 563 598, 273, 581
    • Blightscale: Dead Vesspyr Willow 624, 351, 298 770, 361, 172
    • Droumlunds: Indigo Vesspyr Willow 520, 347, -607
    • Karak Peak: Lavender Vesspyr Willow -296, 147, -745
    • Veiled Thessk: Golden Vesspyr Willow -949, 6,76 (Must be harvested last)
  9. Find Captain Ethan at -624,-43, -28 on Veiled Thessk.
  10. Speak to Kate. She's back in Falinpol by Roy.
  11. Make Fish Oil Candle which is now in your recipe book (it's also a house item, make extra!). There's a Chemistry Table in the same room as Kat.. You will need:
  12. Take the candle to the Captain.
  13. Return to Claudia.


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