EQ2 Quest:Assay of Origin  

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EverQuest II
[100] Assay of Origin (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To Start: Crafters of level 100 will get a mail from Captain Ethan Dariani.

  • At least 1 53 9 13200 status 

Captain Ethan Dariani contacts you via mail and asks you to speak to Trader Cylianna about some elemental remains.

  1. Speak to Clyianna and mine the remains beside her for a Metal Mechanism. You'll need five assuming you don't fail any combines, but grab an extra because you'll need one later on the quest line.
  2. Perform the assays from the book you'll be given. You'll need a mechanism, 1 effulgent coal and the ore named in each assay for them.
  3. Return to Cylianna to find that all of the assays were negative.
  4. Report back to Ethan for your reward.

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