EQ2 Quest:A Mystery Satyr  

EverQuest II
Game Update #63
April 17, 2012
[91] A Mystery Satyr (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( -3830, -783, -28 )

Speak to Porto Bunglefoot at -3830, -783, -28 in the New Combine Foothold in The Withered Lands to begin this quest.

Phaerus Thunderhorn is located in the Sanctuary of Tears, which is quite deep in Withered Lands. His exact location is -47, -625, -615 .

  • WARNING: Attempting to fly, leap, or glide in this zone can, and likely will, cause you to frequently be knocked out of the air due to the dragon patrolling the skies (usually heralded by rain suddenly starting). Without a very high safe fall skill you can instantly die from this plummet (when flying without featherfall). We highly recommend that you follow the zone wall over the mountain sides for safer travel.
  • WARNING: Crafters of low adventuring level should be especially wary of Holgresh Pass. The holgresh can perch on the branches and fly quite high here, and the only way to Sanctuary of Tears is to pass through it. It *is* possible to do so, but exercise caution--the dragon patrols here too and getting knocked into a nest of holgresh can be quite painful.
  • NOTE: If you haven't before there's a few zone travel stations along the way you'll want to grab. They are:
    • Sanctuary of Waning: -2279, -673, -175
    • Sanctuary of Mourning: -1890, -595, -1081
    • Combine Caravan (Holgresh Pass): -1691, -601, -1248

Once you reach the Sanctuary of Tears you will have the intra-zone travel horse station unlocked for there. Phaerus will offer his three quests, the last of which rewards a cloak that will stop the dragon from knocking you out of the skies.

Map of the Withered Lands with quest markers (click to enlarge)
Map of the Withered Lands with quest markers (click to enlarge)

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