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The fairiefolke (sometimes known as fayefolk or, simply, as fay) are comprised of a great many of diverse fay races. Wisps, pixies, bixies, brownies, rhym, fae, fairy, treants, sirens, dryads, nymphs, etc.; these are all types of fairiefolke that exist in Norrath.

All fayefolk are entities that spring to life from the condensed arcane forces of growth of their native environment. Although growth may be the dominant power of most forest lands, it is not the sole influence upon these realms. With a bit of this and a bit of that, fay races can appear far different than their cousins. A pixie may look quite similar to a fairy, but it has a tinge of malice and mirth to create a very troublesome fay that is best avoided.

Fay are not immune to evolution. Their forms are not always constant. They share a close bond to the forest around them. Should the magical properties of that forest change, most likely, the resident fay will also change in some fashion. Tunare had a large influence over the Faydark forests of Faydwer. Simply visiting the woodlands had a great effect to the arcane composition of the realm. It is rumored that the planar presence of the Goddess of Growth eventually evolved the fae to the race they are today, one of the dominant fairiefolke races of Norrath. [1]

All Fay speak the Fayefolk language.

The following titles are awarded for killing Fay:
  • Hunter of Fay - 500 kills
  • Slayer of Fay - 5000 kills
  • Destroyer of Fay - 10000 kills
Your current slayer status for this and other huntable races may be checked at any Slayer Status poster.

  1. ^ From the Tomes of Vhalen

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