Berserker Epic Weapon (EQ2 Quest Series)  

This quest series is for the Berserker-only Epic Weapon.

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Series Summary

Fabled - Dragon's Temper

The Consequences/Responsibilities of a Berserker's Rage

These quests are identical despite their differing names.

  1. After receiving the quest from Vettius Or'Kales, he will attack you (80^). Kill him.
  2. Talk to Apprentice Morwynn
  3. You are attacked by 8 Shadowed Men (73^).
  4. Morwynn asks you to kill 8 more shadowed men, for tears, in each of the following zones:
    1. The Pillars of Flame
      • At 1725,-206,-926 , on the island where Simayek spawns. Kill shadowed men (79) near a portal for the updates. If the portal and mobs despawn, camp out and back in or wait for re-pop.
    2. Kunzar Jungle
      • Near -49, 149, -1042 , near Foot of the Fangs. The mobs are 81 and 82 ^^^ Heroic nightblood and lamia
  5. Return to Morwynn (Inside Dire Hollow). She tells you to find 3 items: A Firewater Crystal, Green Mist Orb, and "a weapon from another plane". They have to be found in that order.
    1. Obtain and complete the sub-quest, The Mystery of the Firewater Crystal, and return to Morwynn.
    2. She will tell you that the green orb comes from a Mystic "somewhere in Faydwer"
      1. The mystic you need is in Butcherblock Mountains in East Fort Irontoe by the name of Bofim Axeshadow ( -309, 173.09, -242.70 ) . Kill his cat on top of the bookcase to make him talk.
      2. The orb is a drop (NO-TRADE and group lootable so be careful!) in Sebilis from any of the following:
        • Sathirian dignitaries near and in the audience room
        • In the secret room in the laboratory from the Apprentice or the named at -297, -25, 374 . This is a hidden place you need to open by clicking an item at -310, -27, 324 .
        • a Sathirian lich on the lower level in the jail area. Plenty of them around.
          • You can invis all the way to the jail if you jump off the platform heading to the exit and swim down the drain. The two drains take you to the jail underwater.
      3. Return to Morwynn
    3. Next is to find the weapon forged on another plane....
      1. Go to The Barren Sky, Isle of Desolation, and harvest "an ancient statue of The Queen of Air" at 407,291,-640
      2. Go to Jarsath Wastes and hail Izzal Din at -690, -109, -849 .
      3. "hunt beasts of legend that plagued Norrathians long before the rending".
      4. Go to the Skyfire Mountains region of Jarsath Wastes and kill Eldrig the Young at -1369,252,1654 .
      5. After killing him get his body loot and put it into the skeleton next to his spawn point. If the bones are not there you need to wait for them to re-pop. 15 up to 40 minutes, cant miss them. This will spawn Eldrig the Old (83^^^, Abilities: AoE Stun, Knockback and Mez). Kill him to get the axe.
      6. Return to Morwynn.
  6. RING EVENT!!!
    1. A portal opens and mobs come pouring through. All are 82^^^ Heroic. Kill them until you get your update.
      • Protect the Apprentice! If the mobs get near here she will die with the first AoE they throw! If she dies you must start all over again.
      • The zone has no cooldown or lockout, so if things are going badly just zone out and return to try again.
    2. Once you get your update the gate should close. Speak to Morwynn again to claim your weapon.

Mythical - Dragon's Temper

  1. Go back to Izzal Din in Jarsath Wastes at -690, -109, -849 , and he will give you the quest.
  2. You need 3 body drops from raid mobs:
  3. Go with these items, your Fabled weapon and 100 smoldering coal (T8 coal) to The Forge of Ages in Solusek's Eye.
    • Inside you'll find a recipe next to the forge. Create your mythical weapon. The recipie looks like a scroll on the floor, and it's around level 2 or so for crafting.

Level 90 Mythical Conversion

Your Mythical Weapon has unique effects which will not work on level 81-90 spells, combat arts, or pets. By completing two quests, you may convert your Fabled or Mythical Epic Weapon into an Enervated Weapon and add persistent Mythical Effect spells to your knowledge book. This allows you to acquire other weapons without losing class-defining Mythical effects.

The quest requires that your class and your Epic weapon match. You will only receive the mythical spell gem of your current class.

You can start this series as long as you have the fabled version of your epic. But if you have completed "Epic Repercussions" then you will not be rewarded the mythical weapon if you go back and complete your class specific Kunark mythical quest.

The quests which make your Epic Weapon effect into a spell is the same for all classes.

  1. Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
  2. Epic Repercussions

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