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In Everquest II the avatars of the gods, commonly called "Avatars" are contested raid versions of the gods on Norrath. In the past there were many Avatars walking Norrath; each would remain for one to three days or until it was defeated. Eventually the Avatars left us alone again.

The defeat of Rallos Zek has ascended the demi-gods of War to full godhood. They will appear in the lands of Velious ready to take on any who challenge them. These Avatars – now known as the Hounds of War – will take on any and all who dare confront them as they choose to appear in Eastern Wastes, Withered Lands, or Great Divide.

With the Sleeper's Tomb update (September 25, 2012) three new Avatars descend to the mortal plane. According to Windstalker[1]: "Ascended Zeks appear in Sleeper's Tomb [update], and others will appear with CoE."

The Zek Avatars can all be found in Velious. Note: These locations were reported on Test, and may have changed.:

  • Sullon Zek: Great Divide at -646, -344, 489 on what's left of Scar Bridge.
  • Tallon Zek: Eastern Wastes at -1075, -477, 3571 , the closest station is Nipik's Haven.
  • Vallon Zek: Wakening Lands

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Avatar Spawn System Detailed

This was by Kandor https://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/index.php?threads/avatar-spawn-system-detailed.538230/ on the official forums in August 2013:

  • Each day at a set hour (typically 3PM local time for that server), the avatar spawn system makes 1 to 3 independent random rolls to determine if 1 to 3 avatars will spawn that day on that server.
  • The chance for the roll to succeed depends on how many days have passed since the last avatar has spawned (for each day no spawn of any avatar occurs on a given server the chance increases). If no avatar has spawned in the last 4 days, the chance goes to 100%.
  • There can be no more than 6 avatars spawning on any given server in a 7 day period.
  • A given server will most likely get 6 avatars in any 7 day period, but this is not an absolute guarantee. It will average out to 6 per 7 days over time.
  • Avatars rarely spawn singly, it can happen but it’s far more likely that they will spawn in 2’s or 3’s on any given day.
  • All avatars who made their roll on that day spawn simultaneously, from 0-12 hours from the time of that days check (usually 3PM local time, meaning for the most part on most servers they will spawn at a random time from 3PM to 3AM)
  • Once an avatar is killed it will not spawn again for a couple of days, and its chance of spawning is lower than avatars that haven’t spawned for a while after that 2 day period.

Current Server Times

As of August 6, 2013

  • Valor 3pm to 3am CET (Central European Time)
  • Splitpaw 3pm to 3am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Sebilis 3pm to 3am JST (Japanese Standard Time)
  • Butcherblock 3pm to 3am PST
  • Nagafen 3pm to 3am PST
  • Guk 3pm to 3am PST
  • Freeport 3pm to 3am PST
  • Everfrost 3pm to 3am PST
  • Unrest 6pm to 6am PST
  • Oasis 6pm to 6am PST
  • Antonia Bayle 3pm to 3am PST
  • Permafrost 3pm to 3am PST
  • Crushbone 3pm to 3am PST
  • Storms 3pm to 3am CET (Central European Time)
  • Harla Dar 3pm to 3am MSK (Moscow Standard Time)
  • Barren Sky 3pm to 3am MSK (Moscow Standard Time)

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  1. ^ Holly "Windstalker" Longdale on Twitter

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