Arena of the Gods (EQ2)  

Game Update #67
July 23, 2013

The Arena of the Gods is a raid instance that allows 24 players to challenge any of the 9 avatars that are in game (includes the new contested avatars released in this GU). Once you kill an avatar and are rewarded, you can continue to practice the encounters as much as you want (there is a 3-day lockout timer for rewards).[1]

These versions of the Avatars drop a completely different, somewhat lower stat loot table. Only the first avatar killed per instance will drop loot, but others may be summoned and fought for practice. After the first (loot-giving) kill, there is a small chance that Bristlebane will spawn, offering a unique encounter with it's own higher-grade loot.

The entrances to the Arena are in Freeport and Qeynos and there is an additional way of getting a guild hall placeable entrance as well. [2]

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  2. ^ Gninja on the official forums
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