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Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.

Love notes are dropped by most sentient creatures during the annual Erollisi Day event. Read them, they have funny race-specific lovey mottos!

What you can do with your love notes:

  • Use them in Erollisi Day crafting! Speak to Steven in the City of Freeport (East) at -211, -56, 6 or Qeynos Harbor at 822, -23, 59 to purchase the recipe scrolls.
  • Buy Erollisi Day merchant goodies! Speak to Douglas in the City of Freeport (East) at -211, -56, 6 or Qeynos Harbor at 822, -23, 59 to browse his wares. Steven also sells some goodies as well.
  • Change them into Erollisi Coin! Speak to Liyannya Heartswell to exchange extra love notes and hard candy for Erollisi Coin. She is found in the City of Freeport (East) at -213, -56, -24 or Qeynos Harbor at 822, -23, 78 .
  • Consolidate them into one type! Speak to Heartgar MacInnes to exchange your multitudes of notes and candies into a single type! She will accept any type and give you a barbarian love note in place of it. Heartgar is found in Qeynos Harbor at 822, -23, 76 or in the City of Freeport (East) at -212, -56, -31 .

EverQuest II

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