GU61 Preview: Fae and Arasai Take Flight

The Arasai and Fae of Norrath receive the ultimate blessing of flight in GU61.

Velious. With the rediscovery of this icy lost land Norrathians got Public Quests, Prestige Housing and a wealth of goodies including...  flight. Mounts that soar above the lands and speeds never before experienced. Everyone got the opportunity to fly - even the vampires got trained bats.

And Norrath's winged residents cried out: "HEY! What about us? See these flappy things on our backs? Have the gods forsaken us?"

The answer to that is no, the faefolk had to simply look deeper into the power of flight. In the upcoming update, all Arasai and Fae who are level 85+ in adventuring or crafting will be able to learn how to fly. In the snowy peaks above the Goahmari Village Rookery seek out an inquisitive faefolk who has realized that harnessing the Goddess of Air's power may unlock the secrets of flight.

This journey into discovering why Arasai and Fae could not fly and receiving the ultimate blessing of soaring through the skies will be available when Game Update 61 releases, expected on Thursday, August 25th.


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