GU61 Preview: Dynamic Dungeons

Two new dynamic dungeons will be introduced in Game Update 61.

Two new Dynamic Dungeons, originally announced at Fan Faire, take popular older zones from Desert of Flames and give a new take on them. These dungeons scale from levels 60 through 90 and are intended to be fun group content.

The concept behind dynamic dungeons is that their population may change each trip. An example given in Podcast #115 was that the Silent City dynamic dungeon has 15 different "population sets". These dungeons were designed to be defeated by a group of average geared players.

The Palace of Sabaron is a take on the Djinn Masters Prism raid zone. It is accessible through a genie lamp near the entrance to Silent City. Skeletal cobras and prismatic defenders populated our brief run through this instance with the mummy boss General Dal'Zark pulling out all the stops and halting our trip.

We visited Silent City: The Delving Dead twice and witnessed two different population sets for it. The first was gnolls and gelatinous cubes and the second trip had spectral warriors and oozes. Deeper in the instance we encountered walking bonepiles, gazers and gnolls. A total of five boss mobs are in this dungeon, each with some interesting tricks up its sleeve. Several quests in this zone also give an alternate way to earn a few Primal Velium Shards.

Dynamic dungeons breathe new life into older content and allow more players to enjoy them with the scaling levels. They can also be a fun way to equip younger characters as we saw several legendary armor piece drops due to the new reitemization being done this update. These dungeons will be available when Game Update 61 releases, expected on Thursday, August 25th.


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