GU61 Preview: AA Revamp & New Tradeskill Tree

Alternate Advancements undergo some changes and new tree is added in GU61.

In Game Update 61 the Alternate Advancement system is being revamped and a new AA tab will be added. As a result of the revamp, every character will have all of their AA points reset. Several classes will also see changes, removals or replacements of existing AA abilities, which will be further detailed when the final Live patch notes are released.

The Class, Subclass and new Tradeskill trees are available at level 10. The Subclass tree was reorganized, placing the available Advancements in rows which are unlocked as you spend AA points in the tree. The final AA is available after spending 80 points in the Subclass tree.

A change to the Shadows tab is that it will now be locked until level 50. This was perhaps the most controversial topic on the Test forum as the General AA line in that tree is beneficial to all characters regardless of level.


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The Heroic tree, introduced in Destiny of Velious, will now unlock at level 80 (it was 85 prior to the revamp). Alternate Advancements for the Sentinel's Fate subclass branch will also unlock at level 80. Both trees still require a certain number of AA points to be spent in other trees before you can invest into their abilities.

A new addition to the Alternate Advancement system is the Tradeskill tree, which is unlocked at Adventurer level 10. The harvesting and tradeskill related AAs from the Shadows tab have been moved over to the new tree. Most of the AAs are new, ranging from durability increases, to higher critical success chances and even an increased chance of harvesting rare materials. The AA points used in this tab are from the same pool of AAs used in the adventuring tabs and a maximum of 25 AAs can be spent.

The Alternate Advancement revamp will likely be met with mixed reactions. The openness of the Subclass tree will be a breath of fresh air to many players who were forced to take undesirable abilities for their game play style before. Crafters will enjoy the new Tradeskill tab though players who choose to both adventure and craft may be torn between where to spend their points. Level-lockers, such as the Tier 4 Battlegrounds players, will be disappointed at losing beneficial abilities such as increased health and mount speed from the Shadows tree.

This revamp and the new Tradeskill AA tree will be available when Game Update 61 goes live, estimated to happen on Thursday, August 25th.


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