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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
Lockjaw's LairInstanced Indoor5060Desert of Flames
Commonlands Guild HallInstanced Indoor190Classic
The Vaults Of El'AradInstanced Indoor6575Kingdom of Sky
Heroic: Rumbler CavesInstanced Indoor2327Classic
The Estate Of UnrestInstanced Indoor7075Echoes of Faydwer
The Cave Of KnowledgeInstanced Indoor5060Desert of Flames
The Sullon MinesInstanced Indoor3238Classic
Deathfist Citadel: AssaultInstanced Indoor4550Classic
Nagafen's LairInstanced Indoor4080Classic
The Library Of Light: Showdown With The VizierInstanced Indoor6060Desert of Flames
A Maj'Dul ResidenceInstanced Indoor4560Desert of Flames
Trial Of Qin Lo: SoloInstanced Indoor5555Fallen Dynasty
Tower Of The MoonInstanced Indoor5555Desert of Flames
The Firemyst Gully: Vanudozalon's LairInstanced Indoor4550Classic
The Dark DenInstanced Indoor3742Classic
Ykesha's Inner StrongholdInstanced Indoor8080The Shadow Odyssey
Trial Of Bo Fen: HeroicInstanced Indoor5555Fallen Dynasty
The Emerald HallsInstanced Indoor7075Echoes of Faydwer
The Ruins Of Guk: The Lower CorridorsInstanced Indoor8085The Shadow Odyssey
The Court Of The Blades: Dukarem's AssaultInstanced Indoor5060Desert of Flames
Sundered Splitpaw: HideoutInstanced Indoor2050Splitpaw Saga
The Crypt Of T'Haen: VengeanceInstanced Indoor4055Bloodline Chronicles
DeathtollInstanced Indoor6570Kingdom of Sky
Ravenscale RepositoryInstanced Indoor7080The Shadow Odyssey
The Unkempt Vale: A Lordly ConfrontationInstanced Indoor2070Classic