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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
The Eternal GorgeInstanced Indoor1721Classic
The Chamber Of RulgaxInstanced Indoor4045Classic
Palace Of FerzhulInstanced Indoor8080The Shadow Odyssey
Qey_epic13_l04_towersInstanced Indoor1070Classic
Najena's Hollow TowerInstanced Indoor5080The Shadow Odyssey
Grender's LairInstanced Indoor710Echoes of Faydwer
The Tomb Of ValorInstanced Indoor2535Classic
The AcadechismInstanced Indoor6067Echoes of Faydwer
A Maj'Dul ResidenceInstanced Indoor4560Desert of Flames
Or'Kales' SolitudeInstanced Indoor8080Rise of Kunark
The Hollow StumpInstanced Indoor15Echoes of Faydwer
The Tomb Of ThuugaInstanced Indoor8080Rise of Kunark
The Icy DigInstanced Indoor4660Classic
The Cove Of Decay: Epic AnglerInstanced Indoor4550Classic
ChelsithInstanced Indoor8285Rise of Kunark
Commune Of K`DalInstanced Indoor4550Classic
Orinox's HideoutInstanced Indoor8085Rise of Kunark
Master's PrismInstanced Indoor5060Desert of Flames
Charasis: Maiden's ChamberInstanced Indoor7780Rise of Kunark
The Trial Of The TruthbringerInstanced Indoor7080Echoes of Faydwer
Kullaba's LairInstanced Indoor8085Rise of Kunark
Tomb Of The Mad CrusaderInstanced Indoor8080The Shadow Odyssey
The Bastion Of FlamesInstanced Indoor4550Classic
The Execution Throne RoomInstanced Indoor8080Rise of Kunark
The Mediation ChamberInstanced Indoor5959Fallen Dynasty