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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
Portal To The Past: Ocean Of TearsInstanced Indoor7080Classic
Portal To The Past: SteamfontInstanced Indoor4050Classic
Champion's RespiteInstanced Indoor30100Classic
Tower Of Frozen Shadow: The Frozen LibraryInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
Portal To The Past: Qeynos RuinsInstanced Indoor3040Classic
Portal To The Past: Qeynos HillsInstanced Indoor1020Classic
Tower Of Frozen Shadow: VhalSera's DominionInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
Sellok's Broken LairInstanced Indoor190Classic
The Grand Farisian NexusInstanced Indoor00Sentinel's Fate
The LMS IntruderInstanced Indoor3540Classic
Gnoggin's Hidden CoveInstanced Indoor1100Classic
Pillars Of Flame: Cazel's MesaInstanced Indoor5560Desert of Flames
Tower Of Frozen Shadow: The PalindromeInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
Vallon's RetreatInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
Ilfanul's StandInstanced Indoor190Classic
Portal To The Past: Southern Desert Of RoInstanced Indoor6070Classic
Tower Of Frozen Shadow: Haunt Of Syl'torInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
A Vision Of ValorInstanced Indoor190Classic
Research Hall Of Mayong MistmooreInstanced Indoor190Classic
Tower Of Frozen Shadow: A Bride's ScornInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
Portal To The Past: GukInstanced Indoor90100Classic
Realm Of The Fire TurtleInstanced Indoor9090Destiny of Velious
Portal To The Past: Plains Of KaranaInstanced Indoor2030Classic
Gigglegibber Gifty StorehouseInstanced Indoor190Classic
Zraxth's Unseen Arcanum: 2010 Fan Faire ChallengeInstanced Indoor8080Rise of Kunark