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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
Nektropos Castle: Love's ErrandInstanced Indoor090Classic
The Overrealm ArenaInstanced Indoor00Kingdom of Sky
Erudin Research HallsInstanced Indoor9090Sentinel's Fate
Sanctorium Of BrellInstanced Indoor090Classic
Antonia Bayle's ChambersInstanced Indoor8090The Shadow Odyssey
The Hollow StumpInstanced Indoor00Echoes of Faydwer
Library Of ErudinInstanced Indoor8590Sentinel's Fate
A Memory Of EchoesInstanced Indoor00Classic
Kurn's Tower: 2009 Fan FaireInstanced Indoor00Rise of Kunark
The Outer VaultInstanced Indoor8590Sentinel's Fate
The Fountain Of LifeInstanced Indoor5560Desert of Flames
Enchanted Brownie GrottoInstanced Indoor190Classic
The Nasin Manor LibraryInstanced Indoor8085The Shadow Odyssey
A Spiritual PocketInstanced Indoor8090Rise of Kunark
Kurn's Tower: Breaching The VoidInstanced Indoor8085Rise of Kunark
Antonica Guild HallInstanced Indoor190Classic
The Spire's EssenceInstanced Indoor1090Classic
Miragul's Planar ShardInstanced Indoor5090The Shadow Odyssey
Lockjaw's LairInstanced Indoor5562Desert of Flames
A Memory Of SkyInstanced Indoor00Classic
The Drowned Caverns: Brutal Acts Of WarInstanced Indoor2050Splitpaw Saga
Kurn's Tower: The StrikeInstanced Indoor5080Rise of Kunark
A Maj'Dul ResidenceInstanced Indoor00Desert of Flames
The Haunted HouseInstanced Indoor190Classic
Vasty Deep: The Abandoned LabsInstanced Indoor9090Sentinel's Fate