Silent City: The Delving Dead  

Level60 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 60 to 90 (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Maximum3 days
Game Update #61
August 25, 2011
Found at -944, -229, -1043 in The Sinking Sands (the same door to Silent City).

It is a dynamic dungeon that will scale from level 60-90. The types of mobs and nameds that appear in this dungeon can be different for each unique instance (up to 15 differences are reported). It is based off of Silent City's central and eastern sections.


This is a walkthrough from a single run through this dungeon on the Test server. Information in it is subject to change.

Defeating all of the nameds (Sohbahk the Unnatural, Ketahn Akh Sul and Sahkmeht the Destructor) in the first section will drop the barrier at 238, 28, 422 . There are feathers you can interact with after defeating Sohbahk and Ketahn that will give abilities. If another named in the dungeon uses an ability, you can counteract it with the exact same ability.

Sewage slimes will frequently spawn out of the drainage pipes at 330, 28, 420 and 342, 32, 560 and will not grant experience, so moving through that hallway quickly is recommended.

There is one named to defeat, Amontor the Dreadful, to drop the second barrier at 481, 6, 419 . This gives access to the final boss. A third feather grants one more ability after defeating Amontor. The final boss has a chance of using any of the three abilities so be ready to counteract them.

The final room holds Amenophas Livingspirit, who flies high enough that the room can be safely cleared without aggroing him. During his fight he will cease combat and fly to the ceiling, spawning 3 eggs that should be destroyed quickly, otherwise they will spawn harpies. After destroying the eggs wipe out the groups of gnoll defenders at both catapults, then fire any one of the catapults to bring Amenophas back down.

While Amenophas is at the ceiling he will use an ability called Golden Screech that will deal a heavy amount of damage and is possibly zone-wide (for us, it was hitting a player way back near the drainage pipes). It will take 3-4 catapult shots before Amenophas stays on the ground for the final time and can be defeated.


There are three peacock feathers that will grant abilities in this dungeon. The abilities can be found in your knowledge book after you are granted them and will only work inside this zone.


Monolith of Tears
Monolith of Tears
Examine the Monolith of Tears near the zone-in at 143, 30, 208 . There are several choices to give quests here. The quests scale to your level.

Not all quests may be available dependent on your real level (we checked with a level 90 mentored to 60). Many level 90 quests offered rewards of Primal Velium Shards.


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ZAM would like to thank Yarixxx of Vox for assistance with the final encounter strategy.

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