Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate


Level 90 to 90 (Heroic)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days

The entrance is located at -160.02, 174.49, -379.55 in The Stonebrunt Highlands; enter the Blue/Green teleport spiral.

To get there: There is no direct connection from the zone in.. Go to 61.66, 377.24, 1257.92 , select Quel'ule, then select the Marred Plateau, then select the Deepwater Pavilion. Go into the Pavilion and behind the entrance staircase to -160.02, 174.49, -379.55 and then walk through the Blue/Green teleport spiral.

Here, the Erudites conducted the majority of their non-botanical experiments. Additionally, the Labs contained the living quarters for all the Erudites working in the Vasty Deep. Much has changed here, with Odus's troubles, and adventurers will learn much of the fate that met the poor people trapped within these walls.

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The Specimen Observatorium

The Grand Mezzanine

The Dormatorium

The Librarium

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