Shard of Hate  

Level80 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark

Raid Information
Sizex4 (Min: x2)
Raid ZoneShard of Hate
ExpansionRise of Kunark
Minimum4 days 20 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum7 days
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Game Update #44
Shard of Hate
Introduced with GU44, this is a Raid instance for high-powered level 80 x4 raid forces.


  • You must be at least level 75 to enter this zone.
  • You have a temporary lockout of 30 minutes upon entering the zone. If you zone out, you cannot get back in for the next 30 minutes. Past that, normal rules applies for persistent zones.

Enter from:

  • Neriak - at -249, 28, 169 by The Spires of Innoruuk
  • Nektulos Forest - at -1309, 48, -1509 just north of the Darklight Wood zone entrance.

The zone is divided into two sections:

  • The first is geared for a raid force capable of taking a Rise of Kunark tier 1 raid instance such as Protector's Realm. This section has 4 named bosses and many trash mobs.
  • The second is for extreme, Veeshan's Peak-capable raid forces and is not to be tested lightly.

The Relentless on a SoH trash run
The Relentless on a SoH trash run
This zone has a phenomenal drop-rate, frequently dropping Exquisite Chests from trash mobs. The picture at right shows 2 Exquisite Chests which dropped from a patron of hate and a scorn reaper, actually overlapping. Both chests contained a single level 80 Master. This same run got 1 more Master chest with less than an hour spent in the zone!

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Quest Progression

In order to gain access to the anvil so you can repair your own gear in-zone you must earn the favor of Mender Gruug. This has the additional benefit of gaining you an item that will aid you in your battles here.

  1. Gruug's Got a Grudge - Kill the first 3 named (RoK Tier 1) to gain access to Gruug's anvil
  2. Getting the Mender's Eye - Find the eye to get the fork

RoK Raid Tier: 1

  • Sub-Boss: Dreadlord D`Somni - Pull into the alcove by Mender Gruug and the anvil. Powerful Knockback/Root and graduated AE DOT (the closer you are the more damage it does). Tank in the southwest corner, squishies in the southeast. Tank and spank.

  • Sub-Boss: Demetrius Crane - Charge and drag him into the doorway to limit knockback. All engage, point-blank, full burn.

  • Sub-Boss: The Sisters - Malevolence and Ire - See mob page for strategy

RoK Raid Tier: 4

  • Sub-Boss: The Maestro - Kpul D`Vngur - See mob page for strategy

  • Boss: Byzola - See mob page for strategy

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