Ancient's Table  

Level55 - 60
ExpansionDesert of Flames

This zone is the home of the Ancient Cyclops. It is located near the table of the eyes in the Pillars of Flame around 93.58, -60.25, -394.1 .

No access or group is required (provided you can solo the mobs fast).

All that is required is that you clear all the mobs in the area, over and over till the ring event completes (you will not always get the ring event to progress it can take multiple clearings). Once you complete the ring event there will be a system message of some sort that the "Table has opened". At this point a knocker will appear on the door that you (or anyone else) can use to zone in. Usually the zone will stay "open" till the server resets at which point it will require doing the ring event all over to open it again.

As of July 14, 2010 this zone is persistent instead of instanced.

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