The Chamber of Destiny  

Level80 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark


Raid Information
RoK Tier3
Sizex4 (Min: x4)
Raid ZoneThe Chamber of Destiny
ExpansionRise of Kunark
Minimum4 days 20 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum7 days


Lair of The Leviathan

The strategy for this fight is actually very simple, yet astoundingly hard to execute the first time. For this raid, you must have at least one player (preferably one with Feign Death, but this is NOT required) who possesses The Greenmist Orb (drops from Imzok's Revenge in The Protector's Realm).

A few mechanics to the boss fight that we should discuss now:

  • The "water" in the pool is NOT water. Water Breathing spells will NOT work. be absolutely certain that noone has a water walk spell up. If you are under the "water" you are drowning.
  • When you charge, get ALL players inside the pool boundaries, preferably in the "water" and in the middle of his body, to avoid a penalty Acid AE that will wipe the raid and heavily damage everyone's gear.
  • Leviathan has a spell reflect. This can be removed, briefly, by a few abilities. If you have them, spam them throughout the fight and call out when they hit. When called, all casters should get in a direct debuff or 2, then stop casting. Outside of that, there will be NO casting of ANYTHING at Leviathan. You will simply kill yourself and/or your mates. Mages have very little to do in this fight except to keep themselves clear of the DOT, and use every power regen/transfer spell you have every time it comes up to keep the healers going as long as possible.
  • Leviathan casts a raid-wide Noxious AE that MUST be cured ASAP. Everyone should have a stack of Dedicated Noxious Remedy potions (or equivalent). When the Nox goes off call it out, give your healers a few seconds to clear you but then use your potion if they don't/can't. This DOT is the number one cause of premature raid wipes.
  • Leviathan is going to hit your tank for massive (10-14k+) damage on a regular basis... he better have the gear to handle it, and the Main Tank group will absolutely need a Cleric, a Druid, and a Shaman. There is no off-tanking this fight. If the MT dies, wipe it, reset, and soldier on.
  • Assuming you survive to the 15 minute mark, Leviathan will release a massive AE and everyone dies. 15 minutes is the absolute limit on any pull in this fight.
  • The Greenmist Device
    The Greenmist Device
    When Leviathan reaches 10% he will become invulnerable. This is when you use The Greenmist Orb to remove it so you can kill him. A player in possession of The Greenmist Orb must run to and click on the Greenmist Device (pictured at right).
  • When a player uses a Fishman Skin he is stifled and cannot cure himself. Healers will have to do it for him.
  • Here is the big one: YOU CANNOT DPS LEVIATHAN TO DEATH! The only thing that REALLY hurts him is the Volatile Fluids you are going to farm in Stage Two.

There are 3 stages to this fight.

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Stage One: Fish Suits

You must kill the Yha-lei disciples to obtain Fishman Skins. These will allow the player using them to become a Yha-lei (important later). Give one to each of your less squishy top DPSers (codeword: Farmers), as how fast they kill will become important later. A few of the suits should go to players with the fastest cast-times (Codeword: Killers), regardless of squishyness. Hammer or Pet pulling is recommended for all of these mobs to insure single pulls, and be sure you are in one of the tunnels when the last one dies and The Leviathan rises from his pool.

Next is not really a stage, per se, but is an important test. Gather on the circle closest to the water directly in front of either tunnel. Charge into the "water" and simply survive for at least 8 minutes. 10 is better. If you cannot do this just go home now.

Stage Two: Farming for Fluids

Now comes the ouch. You must farm at least 50 Volatile Fluids from the gullet devourers in Leviathans stomach. If you run out of Fishman Skins before you get at least 50 you have little to no chance to kill him. Go home and save the fluids for next week.

To do this, one player at a time must don a Fishman Skin and swim around until Leviathan eats him. Once inside the stomach there will be 2-3 gullet devourers, and your suit will vanish freeing you to fight/cast. Kill one as fast as you can and loot the Volatile Fluids, then kill another. After 15-17 seconds Leviathan will realize you are NOT a yummy fishman snack and spit you out.

When a player is swallowed the next player in line should put on their suit and get ready to make delicious noises (note: you cannot actually make delicious noises, or any noises, as you will be stifled). Continue to repeat this process until the raid wipes (probable) or the 15 minutes expire and the raid wipes. Revive and repeat until the farmers have exhausted all the charges on their skins.

Remember, the 2-3 players with skins that are going to be the focus in Stage Three (Killers) should NOT do any of the farming in Stage Two. They will need all the charges on the skins to complete the job!

Stage Three: Indigestion

If you have made it this far, take a minute to pat yourselves on the back. It is probable, at this point, that you are going to succeed. Take an AFK, bio, stretch, have a smoke and get a drink. You have ONE shot at this final stage (unless you actually got more than 100 fluids). Divide your fluids evenly among 2 "killers" with Fishman Skins, and any extras to a reserve killer. Mages and Scouts make good choices for killers. Anyone that has significant casting time reduction modifiers can do this.

If you have someone with FD who has The Greenmist Orb, have them run along the wall to the right and FD at the base of the eye-globe to wait for the proper moment. He must stay on the edge of the wall or the tentacles will get him. If he does not have FD he will have to join the main fight, then run to the globe when the time is right while avoiding the tentacles waving around the room.

Everybody back in the pool. The process is the same as the farming, but this time the 2 primary killers will don a suit (one at a time, of course), get swallowed, then detonate as many of the fluids as they can before they are spit out. Each fluid will do approx. 2% (unmodified) of damage to Leviathan. This amount can be modified by various abilities but can probably not get above 3% per potion. This means that each killer needs to have (at minimum) 25 Volatile Fluids. If you have enough, give them each 30 and the rest to your reserve, 3rd killer.

When Leviathan reaches 10%, the orb holder must run to the globe (or jump up from FD) and click on the globe. It does not matter if he is killed a second later. The application of the orb is instantaneous, beginning a short countdown until the invulnerability is removed.

Now, finish the job. Back in the skin and burn those fluids! With any luck, this last phase will not take long and Leviathan will get a case of terminal indigestion.

Congratulations! You are now keyed to enter Veeshan's Peak!

ZAM would like to thank The Relentless of Lucan D'Lere for some of the information in this article.

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