The Vigilant: Rescue  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate

Level 90 to 90 (Group)
The Sentinel was an airship originally built by the Erudin Erudites and used to haul large amounts of cargo overland. When the Void intruded into Odus, it was abandoned. The Paineel Erudites claimed the airship and re-worked it for their own purposes. It then became known as The Vigilant, as it watched over and protected the city.

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Use the teleporter in Paineel to go to the Airship Dock. Ismat offers Mark of Manaar quests.


The Airship Docks, Paineel

Mark Quests

Dark Magics

Aboard the Vigilant

Heads up! Shortly after you enter this instance, a warning that "You've been spotted!" will appear and you'll be attacked by five a Tallonite kedon ranged around the balcony. Their attacks will frequently pin you in place, making it tough to get to them. After killing them off, you'll realize that a more powerful entity has entered the room, and Prime-Kedon Kelv will spawn. He's a tougher version of the same archers, so get close to him as fast as you can and take him down. Step into the glowing rune, and you'll be transported into the Officer's dojo and another ambush, this time by a tormented Zeklord or ten. Take them out, circle into the bedchamber (and yes, another ambush) and touch the orb on the wall to open the door. Deal with the a Tallonite savage-maw crowd and touch the orb at the south end of the hall. In that room (and elsewhere), a lesser blood daemon of Zek drops the pieces you'll need for Secrets of the Tallonites. Clear the area and you'll find two of the three tables you'll need for The Crook Cook. The third table is behind Kerbiros Razorback. Kerbiros is leashed to the room, so you can pull the extra stuff by striking him at range and then waiting at the end of the hall. When you're ready, charge him. Several times during the fight he'll howl, which seems to summon zeklings, so be ready to deal with the adds as you fight. Once Kerbiros is dead, you can examine the last food table. Touch the orb and use the teleport rune to proceed. Step through the blue runes into the chill box, and examine the frozen peas. Suddenly, you'll discover they're affected by the horror of Freezerburn! Be aware that he has an attack named Defrost that hits for insta-kill damage (300,000+) so be ready to cope with it. Touch the orb hidden at the back to return to the refectory where you'll find a secret passageway hidden under the stove (at the bottom of the pit you'll find an orb to return to the refectory if you need it). Head south until you hear flapping and then wait for more lesser blood daemons to arrive if you want to single-pull them. Proceed along the corridor (don't look down!) and then up the small side hall. Clear the next hall and use the orb to activate the teleport runes. Jump up to the next hall, then exit the ship and run along the ledge until you reach the Skylight Deck. As always on Vigilant, be vigilant and don't fall off or through the many gaps. Clear the deck and use the rune to reach the Captain's Quarters. There you'll find Amahn-Prime Nirel. Kill him and climb the rune paths to reach the Captain's command. Be aware that the Tallonites will attempt to throw you off the ship. If you're knocked off, react quickly and you'll be able to land on the Skylight deck, and return by using the rune. Clear it off and you'll be able to speak to Sedrard Jithir. He'll suggest that you kill Marus Xand and then you'll be able to free him. Do so, and before you release the Captain, be sure to steal his chair (a house item you can loot) and pick up the maps on the desk to update The Captain's Implements. Captain Jithir will tell you that he doesn't have the Captain's crystal but will lead you to it. Return to the Skyflight Deck, and on teleporting he'll mention that he can teleport you to the Refectory quickly. Enter the Refectory and use the teleport rune you activated earlier, and once down by the freezer Sedrard will appear, and you'll be told that he was true to his word. The crystal is hidden in a hanging frozen carcass. Click it to update The Captain's Crystal and you're done.

Leaving Vigilant

Once you've finished, you'll find that you're nowhere near an exit. There are a few ways to get home. Easiest is to transport yourself out, or evac to the beginning and use the portal there. Your other option is the orrery on the Captain's Command, which will also return you to Paineel. If you want a shorter trip home and you can't Call To Home, just jump down the secret passageway and proceed as before until you reach the side of the ship. Jump off, and you'll be sent back to the start. Beware the fall, though! There are parts of the ship below you that can cause fatal damage if you hit them on the way down, so if you can't Featherfall, look before you leap!

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