Ravenscale Repository  

Level70 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey


Level 70 to 80 (Group)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days

How to get there?

The entrance to the Ravenscale Repository is located in the Loping Plains. It can be found in the crypt in the Somborn Village graveyard.

Contents [hide]

Vestibule of Admittance

The Grand Mezzanine

Hulking Drachnid Prototype

Theatre of the Diabolist

Head Archivist R'Jhere will drop his hand and an illusion. Put the hand on the projector on the dais in the middle of the room to call forth a projection of Mayong. Use the illusion, then speak with Mayong and he will unlock the chest of Ydal for you, for Grand Theft Artifact.

Laborum of the Coalescencent

Reliquary of the Drachnid

Reliquary of the Hunter

A group of five Armorine Elite, the names and abilities change as level rises. At 70 the names are: Orator of Misgivings, Warding of Terror, Pillar of the Implacable, Tailor of Sabotage, and Conduit of Elemental Fury

At level 80, the group is Flourish of Annihilation (Guardian), Architect of Storms (Conjuror?), Meditation of a Hundred Strikes (Monk), Conduit of Elemental Fury (Wizard) and Orator of Misgivings (Inquisitor?). They were all 84^^^ Heroic.

It is possible that this encounter grabs 5 opponents from a pool of names each time the zone spawns.

Reliquary of the Libant

Reliquary of the Drelok

Noyle the Essence-Weaver pops 2 Prototype Dreloks late in the fight.

Reliquary of the Lifeguide

The shard chest, Mayong Mistmoore's Treasure, is at -95,16,-365 .

Ankh of Ydal chest here, at -87, 17, -364 , for Grand Theft Artifact.

Stepping into this room updates Relic Recovery.

The House Item is a chest, at -91,18,-393 .

Reliquary of the Sovereign

The Sanguine Churn

T'Lon the Powermonger

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