Portal to the Past: Plains of Karana  

Level20 - 30
TypeInstanced Indoor

The portal is found between the wizard spires and the druid ring in Enchanted Lands at -469, -3, 67

  • Minimum level requirement to enter: 20
  • Higher levels are auto-mentored to 30.
  • Mob level range: 32+ heroic
  • Success lockout: 18 hours
  • Clear every mob in the zone. The Isvha Mal will spawn and head to the center of the druid ring after it is cleared.
  • Shortly after he is dead, Quillmane will spawn and fly to the center of the druid ring.


This is one of the instances with flavor text. In EverQuest, Quillmane was an rare named mob that spawned in South Karana, and her cloak, which was a rare drop, was required to complete the Magician Epic 1.0 (so basically, a rare drop from an already rare mob!).

Players came up with insane theories on how to get Quillmane to spawn, from killing certain mob "cycles" to killing everything in a certain direction as you run through the zone. It's unlikely that anyone ever quite figured out the true way of making her spawn aside from "kill everything and have a tracker!".

(upon moving up after zoning in)

a ranger says, "If you are looking for Quillmane, he hasn't been seen in a while. Try killing the placeholders around the area... Anything can be a placeholder!"

(upon killing Quillmane)

an angry magician says, "I turn my back for a second and someone swoops in and steals my kill... RAGE!!1!"
an angry magician says, "That's what I get for going afk... Oh well, there goes another week of camping..."
an angry magician says, "Nooooooooo!!"

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.

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