Commune of K`Dal  

Level45 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 45 to 50 (Heroic)
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours

There are a group of dwarves here that you need to talk to in order to spawn K'Dal the Deceiver. Whatever you do, do NOT insult them or they will aggro the raid, which can be rather annoying.

A couple of major points about this fight: K'Dal has a mem-wipe, so make sure your tank is saving all of his high aggro-generating abilities for that. You also may want your OT to pick up the mob if the MT can't get it back. Also, you can only perform one Heroic Opprotunity in this zone, and it will apparently stop one of his more nasty attacks.

Position your tanks up at the front to intercept K'Dal on the pull, and have healers in max range, with casters and other ranged dps as far back as possible. The tanks will need to spam taunts, with the casters curing the arcane stun whenever K'Dal uses it. K'dal should never leave the group of tanks at the top.

If someone dies, just have them revive in-zone, its not worth rezzing. That's pretty much it.

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