The Crypt of Agony  

Level74 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark


Level 74 to 80 (Heroic)
Minimum18 hours
Maximum1 day 11 hours

This is a Heroic instance, with ^^^ trash mobs that range in level from 77 to 80. Named mobs are a tad higher with lots of health and hit like freight trains.

Many mobs in this zone use a power drain AE spell, so make sure you have healers with group cures!

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Antechamber of Agony

Once you enter you're in a starting chamber. This chamber has four skeletons (roughly everything in the zone is between 77 ^^^ and 80^^^) and two golems. There's a wondering skeleton that sticks his head in the doorway as well.

When you exit into the hallway leading deeper in you take a right and proceed through killing everything until you reach the caverns.

Cavern of Torment

When you reach the caverns there are ghosts and wandering skeletons. You want to work your way up the corridor past the first passage on the right. When you pass by here you'll see a cave on the right. (eq2 mob:Gruplinort -Bludwyng) That's your first named. He's a level 78^^^ to 79^^^. This ghostly frog isn't at all tough dependent on your group make up.

After killing him you want to continue down the hall to reach the Librarian's room. As stated previously, this ghostly figure isn't at all tough dependent on your group make up.

The wandering monsters respawn.

When finished with this one you want to backtrack to the one you first bypassed when coming down. You enter what appears to be a fallen city.

I do not believe there's a killing order involved here, but we always go right first, circle around the passage to the left side then back track a little. So, heading right you will find a room with a named monster in it. Kill him and move down the steps to the next room where another named monster is.

When finished you come out and continue the way you were heading. The hall turns left; halfway down the hall there's a passage to your right (this is where you will backtrack to), just past there is another room with a named monster. Kill him and head up the stairs to the final of the four named monsters and kill him as well.

Backtrack to that passage that went off right and you will come to a large room with I think three skeletons are, it might be two. Kill them and there's a room to the right where an SK waits for your group. He's not horribly difficult, but he does cause problems. He is a Shadowknight. He'll power drain, harm touch, life drain and fear randomly. Kill him and exit back out the doorway and head right down the hall.

The Grand Vestibule of Lurask the IX

You'll find this passage isn't long and turns left then has a stairwell to the right halfway down the corridor. Head up and inside that LARGE room to find the boss (Fallen Emperor Vekin). This guy is tough.

We had a group dealing out 5 to 7K DPS and he wiped us the first round. He is difficult but that has a lot to do with his high hit points and his spells. He fears (duh) plus deals out a very nice amount of damage. His fear isn't target, it seems like a very limited ranged AoE. He also has DoT's he throws on your group as well as mana drain (power drain) with a couple uncurable spells as well.

From my experiences there hasn't been any respawns in this room. A suggestion is to pull him to one of the far areas away from his standing point and either have a Feigner or if everything seems to be falling apart and someone dies, get them standing before your rez'er's drop. Don't re-engage, just let him reset. FD has a VERY high chance of failing (we had it happen twice) against this guy. Group FD is very effective and only one or two will fail if any.


Almost every monster we encountered cast a power drain AoE. Cure it quickly because it's a powerful spell that will leave you dry. We rarely use plate or chain healers anywhere. I'm a Fury (spec'd for damage and back up healing) and the main healer is a Warden. We both have group cures and these monsters are crazy. I'll cure the first and sometimes almost immediately after mine cures the group it hits us again so she casts next. It's crazy!

Other than that, body pull. It's the best way to get single pulls. Make sure you inch up, stop for a second and if no agro, inch again. It takes a bit to know the agro range and you'd really hate to get two hitting your group with power drain over and over. It's best to take it slow and limit the draining of power.

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