Drayek's Chamber  

Level40 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor

This instanced dungeon is located in Permafrost. Access is gained by completing the Drayek's Chamber quest in Everfrost. It has an 18 hour lockout.

Drayek's Chamber

King Drayek - regular version

  • There is a trap just before entering the room, you need to jump.

This is a timed event with 3 fights:

  • 1st fight: 8 lvl 49 ++ and +. group x 2
  • 2nd fight: 2 dogs, one ++ and other +++. group x 2. Kill ++ first and then +++.
  • 3rd fight - Drayek adds at 80%, 50%, 20% of his health
    • 1st add wave at 80%: Comes from the hallways. Stuns MA on inc, give him time to get aggro.
    • 2nd add wave at 50%: Identical to 1st wave
    • 3rd add wave at 20%: Skeletons that pops in center of room, get MA to get them fast so they dont kill random people.

Get your raid to stand at the walls and let tank get initial aggro. Sometimes he is a REAL pain in the a** and nukes MT or some other random innocent when he becomes aggro. Nothing to do but absorb and try again. Let MT move mob to wall, so his pushback does move him. Positioning him can be a struggle sometimes, just hold off the dps until you got him fixed (keep him debuffed though). Main goal of the fight is to drain him. Immune to crushing.

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