The Deep Forge  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey


Level 50 to 80 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum1 day 11 hours
NOTE: On the Zone Reuse window, this zone is referred to as Deep Forge.

The entrance to this zone is within Najena's Dungeon in Lavastorm.

There are only 4 rooms in this instance: Deep Forge (the main chamber), Netherflame Forge (to the left), Magmatic Mage Headquarters (to the right), and the Magmaborn Furnaces (behind the lava curtain).

Fight to the left, enter and clear Netherflame Forge, concluding with The Doomsmith. Best place for the Doomsmith fight is the rocks in the middle to avoid the hammer adds. If the hammers respawn and one gets to the Doomsmith, it empowers him to cast an elemental AE that will probably wipe the party. In here you will find a forge for special crafting, 5 plinths with glyph keys on them (this will be important later), and a glowing book on a table which starts the quest, Something Greater. The only thing you need for this, the Flint Streaked Summoning Orb, is an auto-update when you kill Firelord Kaern.

Exit and move to the right of the entrance, enter and clear the Magmatic Mage Headquarters. Here you will kill all the Spurned that you need for Spurning the Spurned. A Spurned alumnus will have Najena's Key which opens the bonus shard chest behind Firelord Kaern.

Now clear any remaining mobs you left on the pathways before facing the Sub-Boss, Cruhm the Overseer. Not a difficult fight. when he gets low he will break off the fight and try to summon a Greater Elemental to destroy you, but it is more than he can control and, instead, it kills him. In the center of the lava curtain will be a series of 5 glyphs, matching the plinths in the Netherflame Forge. Return there and click them in order, top to bottom, to open the lava curtain. You could have opened the curtain at any time, but you would still have to get past Cruhm...

Cross the bridge to find the Magmaborn Furnaces. Pull groups to the bridge until you get a clearing, then enter and move left or right (it does not matter which you do first) to a valve. One of you turn this while the rest handle the mobs. Return to the bridge and repeat to the other side. With both valves turned, the pit in the center floods with lava, killing all the other mobs there.

Now for the final fight... Firelord Kaern. Throughout this fight he will drop a Pool of Lava here and there. The Pool will deal significant AE heat damage to anyone around it. So, here is how you do this fight. The tank has to drag Kaern around the room, moving pretty much constantly, with everyone else backing and blasting. Do not ever get behind him and you won't get hit by the AEs. However, the Pools do not de-spawn, so you have ONE loop around the room to kill him. If you get back to where you started you will all die. Ranged DPS is key to this fight, and lots of it.

Once he is dead, the bonus shard chest sits beside his throne, and the magma rocks (for Liquid Hot Mag-ma) are around the lava pit with the last one above the throne.

A Magmatic Cluster
A Magmatic Cluster
On the four floating chunks of rock in the lava in the first room, you may find harvestable Magmatic Clusters. Each one will yield 3 Magmatic Crystals used in the creation of Magmatic armor from the recipes found in the Magmatic Mage Headquarters and dropped from random mobs in the zone.

If you fall in the lava in Deep Forge, the only way out is this ramp near the entrance.

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