Portal to the Past: Nagafen's Lair  

Level50 - 60
TypeInstanced Indoor

The portal is found on a rock by the docks in Lavastorm at -130, -120, 517

  • Minimum level requirement to enter: 50
  • Higher levels are auto-mentored to 60.
  • Mob level range: 62+ heroic
  • Success lockout: 18 hours
  • Kill all of the Lava Duct Crawlers in the lava before attacking the giants. They will not teleport into the lava you if the LDCs are dead.
  • Magus Rokyl and Warlord Skarlon are linked nameds on top of bridge. Attack the Magus first. Turn off your attack when the Magus states to let your destruction flow into him (about every 25% health). Turn attack back on after he states he can no longer hold the power. Once Magus is dead, Warlord will drop quick.

Here is a walkthrough to the Lavastorm portal final encounter from zerotonin:

On pull, the Warlord receives a buff from the Magus that gives him 97% dmg reduction. The Magus therefore must be killed first.

Every 25% the Magus emotes "Yes!!! Let your destruction flow into me..." which signals the start of a recording buff which records all damage done to him. When this buff drops, he emotes "Too much power... I can hold it no longer!" at which point all of the recorded damage is reflected back at you in a spell called Magmal Wrath. This can result in hundreds of thousands of damage being reflected back.

The Magus heals back any damage done to him while the recording buff is active, but he has virtually no HP otherwise and burns down very fast in between buff cycles. The obvious way to get around this is to simply stop attacking every 25% when the Magus emotes and wait for the 2nd emote signaling the end of the recording and burn to the next 25% marker.

Its basically pointless to attack the Warlord either while the Magus is up unless you have a way around the 97% damage reduction. Once the Magus is down however, the killing the Warlord is a simple matter.


There is no flavor text associated with this zone aside from the combat emotes during the Magus and Warlord's encounter. In EverQuest, you had to pass through many Lava Duct Crawlers before you reached the area with the fire giants. LDCs were well known for their fire DoT that put a serious hurting on players. Warlord Skarlon was one of the named fire giants on the path up to Nagafen. Magus Rokyl was the final named giant that players encountered before they could engage Lord Nagafen.

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.

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