Miragul's Menagerie  

Level40 - 50


Level 40 to 50 (Heroic)
Success18 hours
This dungeon is accessed by completing the Search for a Menagerie quest Everfrost (see related quests). It can be entered at -109.65, -23.04, -281.64 in Everfrost, in the Glacial Construct area.

The zone itself is targeted at a single group of players, and has an 18 hour lockout on a fail. The zone is small, only four rooms. You start in the central room with several patrollers and golem guardians.

The golem guardians will not respawn but the yard trash patrollers (frost frights and lingering essences) WILL respawn. This is important to note. Clear the room and then take the doorway on the right (east), it is the only one that is unlocked at this point.

Once inside the east room you will encounter two more golem gaurdians and a Remenant of Miragul. There are also four chests on the floor. Clear the golems and then kill the Remenant of Miragul. This will break the seal that is magically holding the chests.

You can now open the chests, one at a time. One of these chests contains a scroll which allows you to progress to the west room. The other three are traps which will spawn a group of Petulant Forces will spawn and attack you. For this reason we recommend opening one at a time, so you don't wind up with three encounters worth on you at once.

It is now time to head to the west room. Take care to check for respawn in the central room before running through it.

The west room is guarded by a couple of golem guardians. After vanquishing them you will notice a book and a cube. Reading the book tells you how to activate the cube. Then examining the cube will unlock the north door.

Now it's time to head to the north room, once again being careful of respawn in the central room. The north room is guarded by Sulon McMoor, a level 51 ^^ spell caster. Killing him will allow you to use the book that he is guarding. Sulon also has a decent loot table.

Using this book will spawn Myrgoth (level 51 ^^) in the summoning area in the middle of the room. You can only damage him if you are standing in the ring, so stand there. When engaged he will spawn three Dread Servants who are normal heroic group mobs. This is the boss of the zone.

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