Cavern of the Crustaceans  

Level70 - 70
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionFallen Dynasty


Raid Information
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours

This is a x2 raid zone. Located in The Village of Shin at 164, -2, 17 . Click "A Loose Rock" to zone in.

To make him aggro, right click and select "disturb the crab". He will aggro the second you click it, so be prepared. You must have great cold resist.

He will spawn a set of four ^^ crab adds if you break 5k DPS on Bonesnapper, or hit him for more than 5k in a single shot, and always at 10% HP.

When he spawns adds he'll say "SCREEEEEEECCCHH!" and the you will see "The ground bubbles as a cluster of monstrous crabs burst forth!"

As soon as he says that, he has an immunity from all damage for 18 seconds. Pretty easy fight, just take your time.

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