The Bastion of Flames  

Level45 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 45 to 50 (Heroic)
Access The Efreeti Bastion
Starting Zone Solusek's Eye
Required by all? No
It is said that the Efreeti Bastion quest is no longer needed to be able to enter into the Bastion of Flames.

This high level dungeon is the home of Efreeti Lord Djarn. It is accessed through a quest in Solusek's Eye (The Efreeti Bastion). This zone is just a single round room.

There are a few objects that you can interact with. When you interact with one of them everyone will become frozen and will be unable to move. It is important to have your casters jump on top of the platform to avoid any AE damage. It is also important for the player who activates the buttons to quickly move to a position where the tank can gain aggro and tank.

There are four Lords who you must defeat and you will then be able to fight Efreeti Lord Djarn.

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