Echoes of Time: Epic  

Level45 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor


Raid Information
Sizex4 (Min: x2)
Raid ZoneEchoes of Time: Epic
ExpansionThe Shattered Lands
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours

Very easy but funny zone for T5 raiders, but you need to be well organized. Not an easy job for a T6 raid force as people underestimate the encounter. The main zone scenario, is that King Zalak the Ancient calls every 30 sec for help from three royal patriarchs. They have to be stopped before they come near King Zalak the Ancient. If they are not stopped successfully, they explode near their king and provide significant AOE damage.

The most effective and fast strategy known to us, is to pull King Zalak the Ancient group (in case of T5 raid don't forget to mezz his adds and kill as fast as possible the royal astrologer and royal acolyte). Running royal patriarchs have to be caught by the OT (ideal is tank with fast cross encounter AOE, like an SK) and killed as fast as possible (by changing raid aim or by dividing some raid part as royal patriarchs killing team).

There exists other strategies how to handle royal patriarchs but this one seems to be effective one.

King Zalak the Ancient
Health: 450k HP
Resits: Slash, Cold
Attack: Crush, Disease

2x royal guardian
Health: 30k HP
Attack: Crush

1x royal astrologer
Health: 25k HP
Attack: Crush, Magic

1x royal acolyte
Health: 25k HP
Attack: Crush, Divine

royal patriarch
Health: ??k HP
Attack: Crush, Mental, Magic, Divine

Note: Only heroic mobs. They come in group of three every time King Zalak the Ancient calls for help, but they are organized in sepearate encounters.

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