The Pedestal of Sky  

Level60 - 70
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDesert of Flames

This instanced raid zone is available after you complete the Capturing Day and Night quest.

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Getting scale

Now the Hail Guard and kill him for scale little tip dosn't work anymore. You have to Kill the dragons and then kill the Ball in the middle of the room for 6 scales, so it means you now have to do this zone atleast 4 times for 24ppl having access to enter The Djinn Master's Prism.

Killing dragons

Hail Guard and answer him YES. Then the dragons become active. They fly around the room and become aggro.

Siyamak of the Night

Health: 900k HP
Attack: Pierce, Cold, Disease
AOE: Light of the Moon, Cold, Power Drain
Specials: Carress Feedback, Draining HPs and mana.

Barakah of the Day

Health: 900k HP
Attack: Slash, Heat, Divine
AOE: Flame of the Sun, heat, ~20s, long range 30m. Important to Elemental cure this DoT.

Dual Tank Strategy

* Do not underestimate this fight even you have outleveled this zone. Very hard for T6 raid and medium for averadge T7 raid (around lvl 65).
* ATM (2-3/2006) this zone is much harder than it was originally in T6 before KoS with T7 tier was launched.
* Create two tankings group (Barakah - Guardian MT, Siyamak Shadow Knight or Warrior MT).
* Divide dps into two same groups and assign them to dragons. Melee are better assign to Siyamak (no aoe), ranged to Barakah (ranged DPS need not jousting Barakah's aoe).
* 1-2 strong dps (ranger is a good choice) place to the center of room.
* Pull is very easy just set your tanks to place where dragons land, healers max healing range from MT.
* Main zone issue is that difference betwen dragons HP cannot be higher than 5%. So they have to be killed at the same time.
* We are solving it that two character spamming info about dragons HP change and DPS groups try to coordinate automatically. Main problem is in mana so fight should be as short as possible. Hence there is not possible if one group is waiting to other. Key aspect is to distribute dps force evenly. DPS placed in center of room are keeping focus on HP messages and tuning overal dps.

One Tank Strategy

* Position the raid standing near the zone out mirrors. Activate the dragons, and allow them to drop down to position.
* Tank must then have pre-heals, and run to the center of the platform. Tank will drag the dragons a bit away from raid, then swing around again so that he is between the heals and the dragons. Mobs will face the raid, but there is no frontal damage.
* Ideal to use Beserker or Shadowknight tank with out of encounter taunting. MT will target the MA, and will be taunting primarily the mob that the DPS is focused on.
* Must have competent MA who will tab frequently to view health percentage. Switch target every 3%. Ie. Barakah to 97%, switch, Siyamek gets to 97%, switch, Barakah gets to 93%.
* Very effective strategy with limited healers. Healers can focus on only one tank. Be sure to max out heat, cold, and divine resists. Use coercer/dirge for agro if possible.

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