The Fountain of Life  

Level55 - 60
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDesert of Flames


Raid Information
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours


Game Update #48
Breaking Ground
Live: Sept. 3, 2008
The The Eyes of Anashti Sul quest is no longer required to enter this zone!

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* Enter the main courtyard and kill the roaming gnolls. Take note that stepping in any water in the area will spawn a Minion of the Ewer. Also note that the gnolls respawn in around 15-30 minutes, so move quickly if they're a challenge. Once you've cleared the area, return to the top of the ramp and open the foyer door to spawn the epic combatants. Return to the courtyard and kill Captain Graul Anashite.
* Go to the west wall around the middle of room and kill Eshara and Lladan Promanari. The power of the Ewer will raise them repeatedly, so you'll have to kill them several times. Eventually, Eshara the Risen and Lladan Promanari the Revived will appear. Defeat them to draw out Godking Anuk.
* Once you're done with them, you'll need to defeat Captain Graul Anashite again.
* Go to the northwest corner of room. Attack Power of Anuk which will draw in Armor of Anuk and Godking Anuk. If you're fighting this as an at-level raid, you should use two or three tanks - one for Godking Anuk and one for Power of Anuk and Armor of Anuk (or one tank for each).
* The main tank should drag Godking Anuk to a corner to solve Godking's kicks and to keep him away from the raid groups killing Power of Anuk and Armor of Anuk. Finish off Power of Anuk, then Armor of Anuk, and then finally Godking Anuk himself.
* Get your updates but be careful - updates must be completed within 30 minutes after Godking Anuk is killed.


Trash mobs

* an Anashite Augur
* an Anashite Aegis
* an Anashite Loyalist
* an Anashite Ardent
* an Anashite Devoted
* an Anashite thaumaturge
* an Anashite guardian
* an Anashite mystic

Captain Graul Anashite

Level: 65x4
Health: 400k HP
Attack: Crush, Slash, Magic

Note: DPS fight. After 28 seconds, he summons large numbers of heroic mobs. It is difficult to burn him down before adds with T6 raid, but possible. Avoid having these adds in fight by clearing as much of the trash around the zone as you can.

Must also be killed again after you complete Eshara and Lladan events.


Level: 65x2
Health: 140k HP
Attack: Crush

Note: AOE kick/stun at the begining of fight. Must be killed about 15 times. Each time, an emote will happen letting you know about progress about weakening Godking.

Lladan Promanari

Level: 65x2
Health: 180k HP
Attack: Crush

Note: AOE kick/stun at the begining of fight

Eshara the Risen

Level: ??
Health: 260k HP
Attack: Crush, Magic
AOE: Winds of Chaos, magic, ~40s

Note: AOE kick/stun at the begining of fight

Lladan Promanari the Revived

Level: ??
Health: 250k HP
Attack: Crush

Note: Barrage, AOE kick/stun at the begining of fight

The Battle of the Godking

Godking Anuk stands at the very top of the Fountain. Position raid at one of the left or right corners at the base, out of water. Armor and Power are a seperate x2 encounter that are linked with Godking. As of 05/06, it is not possible to split them. To pull Godking, have high aggro class (Beserker with open wounds/cacophony of blades) fire arrow at Power. Beserker will tank Power/Armor at once while MT splits off Godking who will be inc in 5-10 seconds.

Power of Anuk

Level: 65x2
Health: 160k HP
Attack: Crush

Note: After this mob dies, Godking's fire AE will stop triggering. Necessary to kill first.

Armor of Anuk

Level: 65x2
Health: 190k HP
Attack: Crush

Note: Kill second. After this mob dies, Godking's armor (high resist to spells and meelee) will drop.

Godking Anuk

Level: 65x4
Health: 500k HP
Attack: Crush, Divine

Note: Has medium strength until Armor/Power are killed. Not difficult afterwards. Position with tank in corner to counter kick.

Updating Peacock and Vessel

After defeating the Godking, you will have 30 minutes to use the Rod of Rathe Shattering. If you have multiple people who need the update, what works best is to have the entire raid at the bottom of the water, and send each person up the wall (one by one) to get the update. When they climb up top, a Minion of the Ewer will spawn and the raid can pull it down to kill while the climber completes the update. Do this until everyone who needs the update gets it.

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