Anchor of Bazzul  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey


Level 50 to 80 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days

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The Channeler's Chamber

Periodically he will banish someone into one of the cells near him. Click on the pylon in front of the correct cell to open the door.

The Cells of the Void

Y'nosii has a near-perfect ward. You cannot kill him, however, his prisoners can. In front of each of the 6 cells is a guard. Kill the guard and a pylon appears. Clicking this will possess the prisoner and open his door, freeing him/you to exact vengeance on his/your jailer. Hmm, 6 prisoners, and there are 6 of you... they do say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Note for level 100 toons (mentored to 90): Drop one medium nuke (~30K base damage) on him to knock his HP down/kill him (note that this will reflect back on you for ~120% of it's full damage, so take care with this if you have less than 600K HP or so) and then just let your autoattack finish him off. Fight took about 4 seconds.

When you defeat him he will vanish and Y'nosii's weakened soul will spawn. You must cancel the possession and resume your true forms BEFORE you kill this or you will lose Ynosii's Key to the chest in the far end of the room!

The Prisoners:

The Hall of Tempest Creation

In the hallway leading to the room he spawns in there are four glowing doors with pillars in front of them. Click the pillars to open the doors and kill the void energy mobs inside of the rooms. Once the fourth void energy is dead, Magus Vein'ca will spawn. Tank and spank with large encounter-groups all around him. Vein'ca will summon void tempests onto you throughout the fight. Just like the tempests you encountered in Norrath, if these touch you they will zap you and knock you a fair distance.

The Anchor of Bazzul

Ghoz paths from the center-left of this room to the ramp and all the way up. Other than that, he is just very large. Clear the right side of the room and then pull him as he comes down the ramp.

The Executor's Overlook

Zynos Spawns in the middle of 3 Void Portals. You will need to grab and turn the 2 portals on the side of him so you create a U around him. These portals must be dropped as the same time. In order to complete the Zone Solo you can pull Zynos out of the middle of the Portals and then drop them. Then you will only have to bring him in-between the portals.


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