Palace of Ferzhul  

Level80 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey


Level 80 to 80 (Heroic)
Minimum18 hours
Maximum3 days

To reach the Palace of Ferzhul, speak with the conductor at the Overlook in Moors of Ykesha.

The Palace of Ferzhul is the third and final anchor that must be destroyed to prevent the invasion from The Void. There is also a raid version, Palace of the Ancient One, with the exact same map.

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The Celestrial Courtyard

Trancension Hall

Only one door will be active, The Essence Core, when you enter here. Clear the Essence Core to activate 3 more doors and spawn 3 a voidshadow defeater in this room.

I assume that more will spawn when you unlock the other doors.

The Essence Core

Nothing special, really, but they do, of course, have an AE.

The Nullification Throne

The Celestrial Observatory

Activate the portal when you reach the top of the stairs. This creates a two-way portal from the ground floor to the top of the stairs.

Pull Maladormous to the center. Every 20% he will teleport away from you and the large object in the center of the room will become clickable. Each player must click it to gain an immunity to the AE that is about to happen.

The Timeless Library

The Eternal Atrium

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