Miragul's Phylactery: The Crucible  

Level50 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 50 to 80 (Group)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days
Miragul's Phylactery is in a newly-discovered chamber inside the tunnel that was recently dug from the Jagged Plains to Hollowfrost Grove.

There is a group of 5 NPCs in Hollowfrost Grove with quests to explore inside the Phylactery. See Shadow Odyssey Missions for a complete list.

Many, if not all, of the mobs encountered in this zone are not "real" in the normal sense. Although they may look like a wolf, or a gargoyle, or a skeleton, they are really just memories or shades of Miragul's past. However, they still drop the appropriate body parts for Lore and Legend quests so we will treat them in all ways as if they were "real".

On the first 2 floors, when you clear the side rooms you will find a Knowledge Shard that looks like a large crystal made of ice. Move it (the same way you move house items) to one of the pedestals in the main room. When placed correctly you get a message that "The Knowledge Shard locks into place", and when both are placed it unlocks the way to the next floor.

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a Master's Reflection

Marker for Loosening Anchors
Marker for Loosening Anchors
The entrance. This room is safe. If you have the quest Loosening Anchors, the first blue glowing fountain of energy is on the floor to your left.

The main chamber on the first floor does not seem to have a name. See the picture in the info box. There is a dais in the center, a wall of ice blocking the way forward, and a pedestal on either side of the room. Find a movable ice gem in the next two rooms on this floor, after you kill a certain mob there, and place them on the pedestals to summon Aimedaca and 2 academic novices. Kill Aimedaca to melt the wall of ice.

a Reflection of Exile

Mammoths, wandering barbarians and their companions, and polar bears. No sub-boss or other named.

a Reflection of Silence

The library. Ssssshhh! a hidden tome drops A Frostbitten Key for the bonus shard chest.

Also, on a shelf opposite the door is a ghostly runed tome which starts the quest, A Ghostly Runed Tome (imagine that!). The first page for this quest is in the middle of the room, on the table.

Halls of Ascension

Main chamber on the second floor. In a Reflection of Arrogance and a Reflection of Exploration you will find 2 more ice gems ince you have defeated the Sub-Boss there. Move them to the 2 pedestals in Halls of Ascension and a spiral staircase will rise form the floor to give you access to the third floor... a Reflection of Mastery.

a Reflection of Arrogance

Small triangular anteroom with 3 doors, 2 of which access the arena. In the arena you will face the second most challenging encounter in this zone. Along the walkway in front of you are 3 platforms, each glowing a different color: Yellow, Red and Blue. Below, in the arena, are three Masters: Master Delar (wearing yellow), Master Velihan (in red), and Master Rayne (in blue).

This encounter almost requires an enchanter. You will need to hold 2 of the masters while beating the third down to 50% (at which time he becomes invulnerable) and dragging him to his color. He will then become chained to the disc. Repeat for the other 2. When all three are chained The Master will appear where they originally stood, kill all 3 of them and await your pitiful attempt on him.

He is a necromancer. He will summon a tank pet and, from time to time, a pack of dogs. Some reports say that he spell reflects most of the time, except when he summons, but that was not what we saw. We did see some spell reflection, but it was not really a problem.

a Reflection of Exploration

On a table at the back, below a wall sculpture that looks kind of like a keyhole, are 4 moveable items: An Amygdalan doll, a tree, a cloud, and a fish made of water.

Stand in the center of the room and look through the four "windows" to see into another plane. Move the items to the pedestals in front of the matching portal.

Amygdalan - Plane of Fear
Amygdalan - Plane of Fear
Tree - Plane of Growth
Tree - Plane of Growth
Cloud - Plane of Air
Cloud - Plane of Air
Fish - Plane of Ocean
Fish - Plane of Ocean
When the last item is placed, a portal will appear before the keyhole and a very small abomination, named Narciss <Destroyer of Worlds>, will appear and announce that you are all about to die! Kill him and Xorlac the Cleanser (very large Amygdalan) will appear! Tank and spank.

a Reflection of Mastery

At the top of the stairs you will find some assassins. The Unseen Hand assassins are Vampires... Master Strike as the spirit moves you.

Open the doors and enter the inner sanctum of Miragul's Phylactery.

The Codexicon

When the mob gets to 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% health he will say something like "fire, fire, which one to burn" and cast a spell that will spawn a scroll, a page and two books on the ground in the center of the room. Two people then have 5 seconds to use the two Runed Torches found on the wall in the room to "burn" these 4 items by double clicking on the items (you do not have to equip or click on the torch, just have it in your inventory). If you succeed you will get 2-3 "adds" that can be easily killed. If you fail you will get a massive AE that will kill the party. You will have to succeed in "burning" the items a total of 4 times, once at each 20% health mark.

Note that YOU get to control when the spawn happens by controlling the damage you do to the mob. This is key. Get the mob to each 20% damage mark when YOU are ready for his "script". Now there are three ways to deal with the script.

  1. Do the script "their" way. Assign two people with the torches to burn the items when they spawn. Be sure your graphics are turned up so that you can see the books (we had problems seeing them sometimes if we were too far away). Also the mob "breaks" the tanks target sometimes and hits the "burner" thus interrupting them. You only have 5 seconds to burn 2 items each and it takes about 2 sec to "cast" the "burn spell", so you don't have any room for error here. Basically, this approach is a death sentence. It is fairly safe to say that this encounter is impossible as scripted.
  2. Prevent the items from spawning by stifling him as he gets to each 20% mark. If he can't say the magic words the items don't spawn.
  3. Prevent the AE. Have someone with a group wide AE prevent cast it as soon as the items show up. As long as the AE prevent lasts more than 5 seconds this will prevent the AE from going off. We had two classes that could do this. The first one stopped the AE at 80%, the second one stopped the one at 60%. We then stopped all DPS for 2 min until the AE prevent recast timer was up, then continued to kill the mob, stopping the AEs at 40% & 20%.

Fortunately, the torches are not NO-TRADE, so you can give the torches to appropriate members. The torches are, however, NO-ZONE, so if anyone leaves or needs to zone out for any reason, they must give their torch to someone staying in the zone. If you are trying approach #1 to this fight, and you lose a torch, you are screwed. Just go home. The torches do not respawn, so you get only two.

Allakhazam credits this post by (Age of Loki on Guk) and Trinity at the SOE Official Forums for Codexicon Strategy.


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