The Tomb of Thuuga  

Level80 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark


Raid Information
RoK Tier1
Raid ZoneThe Tomb of Thuuga
ExpansionRise of Kunark
Minimum2 days 20 hours
Maximum4 days 20 hours


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Getting There

The entrance is found via a cave next to Omen Falls. Omen Falls is a two stage fall, and the entrance is at the bottom of the first stage, before the long drop.


Thuuga was the first ruler of the Drolvarg.

Raid Strategy

Boss: Tairiza the Widow Mistress


This strategy is pretty straightforward but like many others is all about personal positioning and staying focused. This is a confirmed strat which we have successfully executed on multiple occasions.

Known Info

  • Confirmed Information - Randomly traps victims in a Digestive Sac and summons heroic lots of heroic adds atabout 40 %
  • Hypothesis - Exactly who's widow or mistresses this eight legged Madame anyway?
  • Melee Abilities - Melee based information pulled from parsing data
    • 95% Slashing
    • 5% crushing damage
  • Healing Abilities - Healing based information pulled from parsing data
    • Bolster Confidence - heals for 134,205 when ever any player dies.
    • Necrosis - Lifetap heals for 1200 - 1758
  • Non Melee Abilities - non melee effects that require more in depth info as well as timer information
    • Digestive Sac = TWM randomly traps raid members in a digestive sac which roots stuns and stifles the target and is a exponential dot which will kill the target if not delt with. This can be damaged off the victim.
  • Dmg type = Crushing
  • Fearsome Gaze - (17 second timer)
    • AE Stifle with some minimal Dmg type = Magic
  • Necrosis - (7 second timer maybe)
    • AE Dmg attack & heal Dmg Type = Disease

  • Arcane

Proposed Strategy

  • Single Tank utilize zone geometry to position the mob in a corner with split DPS assisting the MA. MA to target sacs and burn down adds at 40% with AE spells.

Heal Strategy

  • Standard healing

Tank Strategy

  • Standard strat here, MT pulls TWM to designated spot and holds aggro there.

DPS Strategy

  • Stay in the corner target via MA and save AEs for when the adds come at 40% health.

Recovery Team Strategy

  • No recovery team needed for this strat.

The Set Up

The fight begins with MTpull. Light DPS while MT gets the target planted. Once the target is in place DPS target through the MA. MA will pick up the sac's as a target and DPS will burn it down fast with normal DPS and fast cast low mana AEs then back to the named mob. Save AE mana intensive spells until the next phase. Rinse and repeat until the mob hits 40% then come the adds. This is when the heavy dmg long cast AEs come in to play when the adds pop up start your AEs, but no target on the adds, MA will stay on the main and the SACs. Burn baby burn until TWM is spider paste then clean up the adds. Viola dead spider.

Encounter Diagram

Encounter Diagram

Group set up

Group Setups
Main Tank Support Tank Melee DPS Caster DPS
Berserker Shadow Knight Guardian Ranger
Dirge Dirge Dirge Troubador
Coercer Coercer Illusionist Illusionist
Warden Assassin Brigand Swashbuckler
Defiler Mystic Bruiser Warlock
Templar Templar Inquisitor Inquisitor
NOTE: All strategies are written up with the group setups used to beat these encounters at the time and while the specific classes used are not required the general roles that they fill are.

Definition of key roles that fall outside the "standard definition"

  • Main Assist (MA) - The main assist preferably a scout class, will swap targets between TWM and the Digestive Sacs using the track window.

ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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