Portal to the Past: Qeynos Ruins  

Level30 - 40
TypeInstanced Indoor

The portal is found to the left coming off of the docks in Thundering Steppes, up on the slug hill at -401, 5, -309

  • Minimum level requirement to enter: 30
  • Higher levels are auto-mentored to 40.
  • Mob level range: 42+ heroic
  • Success lockout: 18 hours
  • DO NOT KILL THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do, Holly Windstalker will become an epic x4 and attack.
  • Kill all skeletons in the zone that are not inside the tower.
  • Ring event inside the tower with skeletons, spawns about 6-10 times, eventually spawns Pyzjn with a pet and skeleton group.


This instance doesn't have much in the way of flavor text aside from Holly Windstalker's caution. In EverQuest, Holly Windstalker was infamously known for roaming the Qeynos Hills, and would attack (and likely kill) anyone unfortunate enough to be seen killing any type of animal remotely near her. Pyzjn was somewhat of a legend; many players never succeeded in getting her to spawn, and rumor had it that killing skeletons in a certain area of the hills would trigger her.

Holly Windstalker says, "The skeletons in these ruins are controlled by a powerful necromancer by the name of Pyzjn. If you slay enough skeletons you can likely get her to appear... Slay all the skeletons you want but do not harm the animals."

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.

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