Spire of Rage  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDestiny of Velious

Game Update #60
The Children of War
May 31, 2011

Access this zone from The Fortress of Drunder at -73, 0.13, 71 .

It has a 3 day timer and mobs at the entrance are level 96+ heroics.

When you begin the fight, the 3 named, Ragecrusher, Ragefroster and Rageburner, teleport to the center of the room and self-root. Only Ragecrusher is mezzable and must be to avoid him summoning a difficult pet boar. Around the room, are pillars (they show up on track as "standard of X"), one for each named. From these, bubble "Essence of X" spawn and go toward the named. When each essence is killed its corresponding named will lose 1/3rd of its health. If, however, the bubble reaches the center a large aoe will go off. The bubbles spawn simultaneously at each pillar. The way to kill the 3 names is only by killing these bubbles. They can be rooted, snared, and mezzed. Periodically through the fight a crystal will spawn on top of one person, it is clickable like a house-item and should be moved to a place in the room away from the group. When it trigger, if it is away from people, it will not do damage, but give a detrimental that must be quickly cured (it is helpful to bring self-cure pots if you are not near a healer).

Entrance area of the Spire of Rage.
Entrance area of the Spire of Rage.
If you have decent DPS each person should be assigned to kill one Essence, before it reaches the center. The mezzer and tank should be on Aktu Ragecrusher as the mezzer will be occupied also keeping Ragecrusher mezzed. After each person kills their essence they can rush to help whomever is lagging behind.

If your group does not have enough dps to kill each essence at the same time, it is suggested to kill Ragecrusher first by finishing off his essences, then to do the other two afterward. That way you can keep your party together and have an easier time healing through the damage caused by the other essences reaching the nameds (if possible root or mezz them on the way, but focus on bringing down Ragecrusher first).

When the 3 named are down a new boss spawns, the Triad of Elements, and the 3 banners/pillars become attackable. The Triad of Elements will begin to absorb a buff from each pillar, if you can kill the pillar before he has completed it he will not receive the buff.

Ragecrusher's (the earth one) gives the mob a strong self-heal. Ragefroster's (the cold one) will give the mob a power drain. Ragerburner will give the mob increased damage capabilities.

It is advised to kill the Ragefroster pillar first so that your group avoids the power drain.

Note that if the Triad of Elements is continuously healing himself for great amounts then move him to a new place every 10-15 seconds as the longer he stays in one spot the stronger his heal is.

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Entrance area of the Spire of Rage.
Entrance area of the Spire of Rage.

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