Mistmyr Manor  

Level70 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Level 70 to 80 (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days

Take note! Killing certain foes may prevent looting chests found in the Boudoir of Lady Zanne. Be sure to read the notes for that room before beginning your charge through the Manor. Due to this, plan on turning left out of the Ballroom so that you reach Lady Zanne's chamber before encountering these foes, except for Sibia the Steward. Since you'll encounter her in the Parlor of Quiescence before you find either the Boudoir of Lady Zanne or Bedchamber of the Master, plan your pulls to avoid drawing her ire and slip past her. See the note in the Bedchamber section.

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Foyer of the Visitant

There's little of note here. Simply kill your way through to the Antechamber. There are two statues of Mayong at the top of the stairs for Good Housekeeping.

Servant's Antechamber

You'll find Taechun Welby here, who mistakes you for the help. He directs you to Good Housekeeping. Once you've completed those tasks and return to him, he'll follow up with Unwanted Guests. Go back to the Ballroom and kill the three groups of unwanted guests, who are all on the balcony. Return to Taechun, and he'll assign you Gaivin Sostner, Wine Steward. Go to Gaivin in the Parlor of Quiescence, and he'll give you Bottle Service, sending you all over the Manor seeking out stolen bottles of wine. Actually, you'll find all six bottles in the Ballroom, so crate them up and return to Gaivin, who will then send you back to Taechun for your reward.

The Grand Ballroom

There's one thing of note in the Ballroom. Be aware that pulling any of the groups adjacent to the Phantom of Symphonia will draw him into the fight as well, so be ready. Also be aware that he'll regularly throw you high into the air, so be careful not to get thrown into anything you didn't clear (especially the foes standing on the balcony). Featherfall makes this fight much easier. You'll find two more statues of Mayong on the balcony level.

Galleria of Remembrance

You'll find Ra'zul the Gallery Curator among his sycophants, discussing Mayong's artworks. When you defeat him, you'll get a note that "The ceiling of this room seemed to tremble a little." Don't forget to polish the suits of armor for Good Housekeeping while you're here, but be on guard in case one of them should reveal itself as A Possessed Suit of Armor!.

Master's Private Library

You'll find Rhul'Maldis the Librarian here, wandering about the library near the stairs, so be careful when you're killing here. When you kill him you'll note that "You hear the click of a latch locking in the distance." You can hang the painting for Good Housekeeping at the top of the first set of stairs, and there's also a statue of Mayong to dust off. Mayong Mistmoore's Key is dropped by a Possessed Tome on the landing here. The Tome will cast Mandate on someone, which lasts for ten minutes (!!!) and will prevent targeting the book, so if you're going solo you'll have to work out some way to deal with this. A Bottle of Volatile Liquid can be found in a room off the north balcony. If Rhul'Maldis the Librarian is still "alive", shaking this bottle will get his attention in a hurry. Traveling north from the Library takes you to the Exalted Refectory.

Vestibule of the Regent

Yet another statue of Mayong needs dusting (for Good Housekeeping) at the top of the stairs. The portrait behind the statue can be stolen off the wall to beautify your home.

Parlor of Quiescence

Sibia the Steward is found here, directing her maids in their efforts. Since you're probably done with your cleaning tasks, feel free to make a mess out of them. Yet again, when you finish her, you'll note that "You hear the click of a latch locking in the distance." In here, you'll also find Gaivin Sostner, the Wine Steward. As you exit the room to the east, there's a sliding panel in the north wall, leading to the Boudoir of Lady Zanne.

Exalted Refectory

You'll find Kristalin the Secretary in this room on the mezzanine. Again, when you kill her, you'll note that "You hear the click of a latch locking in the distance."

Escritoire of Potentate

This room contains Mayong Mistmoore's Treasure, a Void Shard chest. You'll need the key from the book in the Library to open it. The desk holds Written documents left for Mayong's perusal. If you scatter them and Kristalin the Secretary is still walking upright, she'll come running.

Boudoir of Lady Zanne

In her chambers, you'll find Primogen Daishirou and Primogen Laenzuo. Be aware as you fight that they have debuffs that compliment each other, but if you choose to fight Daishirou, Laenzuo will hang back until you step into her agro radius despite their being linked, so you can back out of the room to break line of sight and face them each in single combat. Take advantage of that to allow cooldowns to clear if you can. Queen Lenya Thex can be found on or under her bed (yes, under her bed) here. Also, there are three chests in this room. They may be magically sealed, and it's presumed that killing three of the leaders (Rhul'Maldis the Librarian, Sibia the Steward and Kristalin the Secretary) locks down these chests.

Bedchamber of the Master

This nondescript room holds two secrets. The first is that simply touching the coffin will render Sibia the Steward nonviolent (that is, until you pick a fight with her). Also, on the east wall behind a tapestry, you'll find a lever. Pull it to open a passageway to the Hidden Alcove in the north wall.

Hidden Alcove

The main use for this passageway seems to be to allow easier access to the eastern side of the Manor.

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