Lockjaw's Lair  

Level55 - 62
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDesert of Flames

The home of the ancient crocodile Lockjaw can be found in the Crocodile Caves of the Sinking Sands at -1103,-217, -681 . This dungeon is targeted at a group of players level 50-60.

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Unlocking the Lair

When you zone to the instance divide raid to three parts to kill three heroic nameds:

* Sha'ir of Magic (the easiest one)
* Sha'ir of Stone
* Sha'ir of Fire (the toughest one casts fire AOE)

Please realize that all have to die in 1 minute interval. If not they repop. In case of success entrance to Lockjaw's lair will open.

Low T6 raid have to focus on this fight and make proper groups to beat them in time. But raid force around lvl 60 have no issue with them.

Lockjaw the Ancient

Health: 400k HP
Resists: 100% Poison, decent resists to all melee ~40%
Best to use: Cold, Diseases, from melee perhaps Pierce

* crush, (not impressive on main tank, almost never hits him)
* AOE2 Lockjaw's Bite DOT 4x4 sec, 60HP tick, sometimes one out of 4 hits 600HP (not killing anyone, just interrupts spells)
* AOE1 Bloodthirsty Rampage, timer 30 sec, crush type, short range, 1k-3k hit
* Growls and resets aggro, timer 60 sec, asynchronous with regards to AOE, different start and timer/rand


* clear area around small isle
* there is nasty bug. Lockjaw must always be in the water. If you pull him out of the water you will not be able to fight with him due to the: You can't see target bug.
* pull Lockjaw to the small isle and let dps attack him from his side edge to avoid his frontal AOE
* would suggest having all melee behind his front right leg, inside his graphic if you can, most of the time nothing will touch them there

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