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Ascent of the AwakenedAscent of the Awakened: Audience with the GuardianDeathtoll
Den of the DevourerHalls of the SeeingPalace of the Awakened
Sanctum of the ScalebornTenebrous TangleThe Barren Sky
The Blackscale SepulcherThe BonemireThe Crypt
The Den of the DevourerThe Egg's BlessingThe Halls of Fate
The Halls of Fate Epxi01 SepulcherThe Laboratory of Lord VyemmThe Library of Light: Diversion
The Lyceum of AbhorrenceThe Nest of the Great EggThe Overrealm Arena
The Temple of ScaleThe Temple of Scale: Pedestal of the PriestessThe Vaults of El'Arad
Trials of the Awakened