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Antechamber of FateCavern of the CrustaceansCity of the Nizari
Nizara, City of the NayadSepulcher of Zan FiThe Far Pelican
The Forsaken CityThe Mediation ChamberThe Mystic Lake
The Village of ShinTrial of Bo Fen: HeroicTrial of Bo Fen: Solo
Trial of Jiang Anlan: HeroicTrial of Jiang Anlan: SoloTrial of Li Zhong: Heroic
Trial of Lin Vo: HeroicTrial of Lin Vo: SoloTrial of Qin Lo: Heroic
Trial of Qin Lo: SoloTrial of Sagacious Ting: HeroicTrial of Sagacious Ting: Solo
Trial of Sun Kai: HeroicTrial of Sun Kai: SoloXux'laio's Roost