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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
And They Tell Two Friends... 68 City Tasks No Infinite
Report To Drednever 66 Bonemire No No
The Bonemire Creature Cataloging 70 Catalog Yes No
News From Home 45 No No
Soul Feasting 70 Bonemire No No
Paralytic Perpetrators 67 City Tasks No Infinite
Back To The Beginning 70 Bonemire No No
Pores And Candles 70 Bonemire No No
Purge The Undying 70 Bonemire No 5 times
Ravasect Thinning 66 City Tasks No Infinite
Sticky Requests 69 Bonemire No No
Build A Better Bug Trap 67 City Tasks No Infinite
The Bowels Of Bonemire (Good) 70 No No
Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio 70 Heritage No No
Report To Jimtun Rubbleyew 68 Bonemire No No
Return To Deebs 70 Bonemire No No
Travel To The Crash Site 69 Bonemire No No
Aether Racing: The Bonemire 100 World Event Yes Infinite
Spreading The Cure 65 Deity No No
Quick Retrieval 66 Bonemire No No
Kill What We Don't Understand! 70 City Tasks No Infinite
The Missing Goods 67 Bonemire No No
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