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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
High Crimes 68 Access Quests No No
Striking The Legion's Army 68 Bonemire No No
Stop The Enclave 68 Bonemire No No
More Soul Feasting 70 Bonemire No 5 times
A Drukin Archaeologist 67 Bonemire No No
Harvesting Fetidthorn Limbs 66 City Tasks No Infinite
Bones To Pick 67 City Tasks No Infinite
Armor Improvements 66 City Tasks No Infinite
Not Of This World 69 City Tasks No Infinite
Heading Into The Night 67 Bonemire No No
Breaking Through The Weir 66 Bonemire No No
Premonitions Of Doom 70 Halls of Fate No No
Beyond Death's Door 73 No No
Find Gingus 66 Bonemire No No
By Land? By Air? By Sea? 68 Access Quests No No
Thorny Desires 67 Bonemire No No
Speak With Gophy Pebblenub 70 Bonemire No No
Kill The Harridan 70 Bonemire No No
Ravasect Isle Status Report 69 Bonemire No No
Crystalology 66 Bonemire No No
Abomination Dissection 67 City Tasks No Infinite
Remove The Blackscale Threat 70 Bonemire No No
The Taloned Vigil Infiltrators 68 Bonemire No No
Death To The Undying! 70 City Tasks No Infinite
A Stunning Discovery 67 City Tasks No Infinite