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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
My Striped Butterfly Collection 15 Collection Yes No
Personal Mixture 49 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
Enemies To The Crown 100 Betrayal Yes No
The Windrush Dagger 17 Wailing Caves No No
Calming The Storm 90 Great Divide No No
High Demand Fashion 69 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
An Appetite For Decorating 100 World Event Yes No
History Of The Troll, Part I 10 Big Bend No No
Out Of Her Element... 85 Lavastorm No No
A Curious Carcass 15 Timorous Deep No No
Sabotage: You Lost Your Bait! 100 Betrayal Yes Infinite
Freeport Militia: Wild Sokokar 76 City Tasks No Infinite
Warning The Wheel 75 Kunzar Jungle No No
The Broken Halfling Skull 23 Fallen Gate No 5 times
Gorowyn: Slatepaws 24 City Tasks No Infinite
Resonance Capture 13 Darklight Wood No No
Soul Control 93 Mission No Infinite
Bruise Blacksmith Lava-eye 89 The Hole No Infinite
Missing Agent Man 96 Kael Drakkel: Temple of Rallos Zek No No
Far Seas Fletching Requisition 69 (Rush Order) 69 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
New Halas: Stalking The Fear 86 City Tasks No Infinite
Tower Of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls - Lost Spirits 95 Mission No Infinite
The Captain's Ring 100 Betrayal Yes Infinite
Marauding Murkblooms 23 No No
Evol Bandoleer 40 Feerrott No No